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Beauty / FIGA 19

Beauty / FIGA 19

FIG is delighted to present Beauty / FIGA 19.

We’ve asked the finest group of artists making fashion illustration today to consider the idea of beauty and make work that reflects their thoughts on this subject. The invitation was as wide as it was long but in the main the artists have focused on what they do best – create imagery that turns our heads, surprises and delights.

One of the qualities of contemporary fashion drawings is that whilst, very often the artist’s are considering the same primary source, the International RTW collections for instance, the results of their respective endeavours are remarkably diverse and we propose more so now than perhaps ever before. Mid 20th century fashion illustration is relatively easy to identify and stands out as such, suggesting an accepted homogenised idea as to what beautiful is and should be whereas early 21st Century fashion illustration is more inclusive and somewhat less judgemental – can we say that?

Participating for the first time in a FIGA is New Yorker Tobie Giddio. Tobie creates art works that swirl dip and dive. She draws movement at high speed. She spins us right round baby right round like a record, baby.  Sometimes figuration can be found but for Beauty, figuration is entirely absent allowing us to enter her world free to make up our minds as to what beautiful is and should be and in this these art works are perfect for now. Both reflective and directional.

Bid on works by Caroline Andrieu, Jessica Bird, Jacky Blue, Blair Breitenstein, Will Broome, Cecilia Carlstedt, Dahren Davey, Fahren Feingold, Tobie Giddio, Richard Kilroy, Iren Kompas, Pik Konig, Rosie McGuinness, Stuart McKenzie, Toby Mott, Harvey Oakley, Michelle Pam, Manuel Santelices, Sara Singh, Robson Stannard, Saintbrush, Sue Tilley, Peter Turner, Poppy Waddilove, Martin Welch and Wilfrid Wood.

Start: 12pm, Friday 21st May 2021
End: 4 – 6:34pm, Sunday 30th May 2021

Please note that bidding end times for each lot are staggered in 1 minute intervals.

Winning bidders will be charged for shipping automatically using the card details supplied. For UK, EU/USA and Rest of World rates please visit the FAQ page.

The auction start/end times are displayed in London, UK local time (GMT).


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