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Still Life / FIGA 18

Still Life / FIGA 18

For FIGA 18, we sent our artists back to the art room and asked them make works that could be described as belonging to the genre that is known as still life. So with brush, pencil, charcoal, crayon, chalk, pastel, gouache, ink, acrylic, scissors and glue, they’ve been hard at it, arranging bowls of fruit, vases full of flowers, shoes, perfume bottles and slices of cake!

So we present, here and now, online, to bid on –  a collection of still life paintings, drawings and collage made by the world’s finest artists engaged in the activity of making hand crafted fashion images. For the edification, and delectation of our growing number of worldwide collectors we are delighted to share these masterpieces of creative endevaour and enterprise that bring art into life.

New artists to consider collecting are Harvey Oakley, Pik Konig from San Sebastian and Alex Mein from East London.

Bid on works by Jacky Blue, Blair Breitenstein, Will Broome, Cecilia Carlstedt, Richard Kilroy, Pik Konig, Antoine Kruk, Rosie McGuinness, Stuart McKenzie, Alex Mein, Harvey Oakley, Manuel Santelices, Robson Stannard, Peter Turner and Martin Welch.

Start: 12pm, Friday 16th April 2021
End: 4 – 5:36pm, Sunday 25th April 20201

Please note that bidding end times for each lot are staggered in 1 minute intervals.

Winning bidders will be charged for shipping automatically using the card details supplied. For UK, EU/USA and Rest of World rates please visit the FAQ page.

The auction start/end times are displayed in London, UK local time (GMT).

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