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The SS21 Collections / FIGA 14

The SS21 Collections / FIGA 14

In the face of the current corona crisis, the fashion industry continues to roll.

September witnessed a myriad of innovative presentations of the SS21 collections from both mega brands and emerging talent alike.

If you failed to see the shows in the flesh there were opportunities to catch the action online. Since the dust has settled, our artists have been studying the key looks that stood out and busying themselves with paint and glue to produce art works that we hope will provide a welcome distraction from the vicissitudes of the pandemic.

FIG is delighted to announce that participating for the first time in a FIG Auction are Michelle Pam from Bucharest, Gigi Thanawongrat from Bangkok and Sara Singh from NYC. Pam’s subtle and fluid lines in ink on paper create imagery that is both dreamy and sophisticated. Thanawongrat uses digital technology to create unique colour rich works that are drawn and collaged into vibrant pop pieces whereas in contrast Singh uses a palette of ink black water to reimagine the Chanel offering in minimalist silhouettes.

Bidding on all lots is set to start at £75.00 thereby presenting a wonderful opportunity for everyone to start collecting art work from some of the most brilliant artists working in the field of fashion illustration today. FIG ships worldwide.

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