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Yellow / FIGA 12

Yellow / FIGA 12

Image: Jacky Blue


Yellow, FIG Auction 12 presents new works specially commissioned for the sale made by a core group of FIG artists; joined for the first time by Wilfrid Wood, Stuart Mckenzie and Jacquetta Crook.

Crook’s detailed figurative drawings in pencil, watercolour and ink are embellished with drawings of roses and delicately prepared pieces of collage cut out from printed images. One rose appears to be growing out the end of a shisha pipe and others float in space. A number have an eye ball as a centre piece another, red lips. There is a surrealist vibe going on.

Mckenzie, who back in the day graduated from CSM makes drawings, writes poetry and is the guitarist in the band Wild Daughter. For Yellow, he’s effortlessly drawn a group of expressive, minimalist vignettes that have elements of collage that lend the works depth and texture.

Wood, also a graduate from CSM has made a series of monoprints. Named ‘Monoportraits’ these works in keeping with our theme have been made on yellow paper and whilst typical of his style they are the first of their kind he has ever made. FYI Wood is also a brilliant sculptor who cut his teeth making puppets for Spitting Image, also back in the day.

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